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Buying a home is more than just putting a roof over our heads.  It is an investment in our future--a better future for ourselves and our family with more security, pride, wealth and options. 

I would love to help you create your future.       
When I was growing up our family lived in rentals, without a hope of ever buying a home.  My mom became a widow in her 40's, and went back to school to qualify for a better paying job.  She scrimped and saved in order to help each of her children buy a home.   As a single mom with a small child to raise, I know how much her help (which allowed me to buy my first home) changed the lives of my son and I.  It was a struggle the first few years to make the payments on my "fixer-upper", but the raises I received as time went by made it easier.  Each year I used my income tax return to pay back the money I owed my Mom, and then to do one project a year to fix up my home.  I learned to do a lot of the work myself and found that I loved doing it (my son, not so much).  I knew I would have to supplement my retirement, so several years later I used some of the equity in my home and my Mom and I bought a little triplex in Garden Grove.  In 1999 I  married my wonderful husband, John DeWyer.  I sold my little first home, he sold his home, and we rolled our equity into our one-story retirement home.  I went into real estate when I retired in 2003 because I believe so strongly in the power of real estate and it's ability to change lives.
Call me and let me help you buy your first home, condo or your first rental property.   
Call me to help you sell your home or condo to buy that larger home your family needs, or to downsize to meet your retirement plans.

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